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Is There A Housing Shortage? What Should You Do?

Housing Supply Not Keeping Up with Population Increase Many buyers are wondering where to find houses for sale in today’s market. It’s a true dilemma. We see an increase in buyer demand, but the supply available for purchase isn’t keeping up. The number of new housing permits issued prior to the great recession increased for 15 years until 2005 (from Read more »

With Equity Growing in Homes Across America, What Are The Benefits?

The Benefits of Growing Equity in Your Home Over the last couple of years, we’ve heard quite a bit about rising home prices. Today, expert projections still forecast continued growth, just at a slower pace. One of the often-overlooked benefits of rising home prices is the positive impact they have on home equity. Let’s break down three ways this is a Read more »

Housing Confidence Among Americans is at an All-Time High

American Confidence in Housing at an All-Time High Fannie Mae just released the July edition of their Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI). The HPSI takes information regarding consumers’ confidence in the real estate market from Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey and condenses it into a single number. Therefore, the HPSI reflects consumers’ current views and forward-looking expectations of housing market conditions. Great News! The index reached its Read more »

With Appreciation Strong, Is It Time to Sell?

Appreciation Is Strong: It Might Be Time to Sell There’s no doubt that today’s housing market is changing, and everything we see right now indicates it is time to sell. Here’s a look at why selling now is likely to drive the greatest return on your largest investment. Home values have been appreciating for several years now, growing at a Read more »

Do You Know About Down Payments on a New Home?

How Much Do You Know About Down Payments? Whether you’ve owned a home before, or you’re ready to jump into homeownership for the first time, there are always a lot of questions swirling around about what is truly required for a down payment, and how to best source down payment assistance. Let’s tackle these two today. 1. How much do Read more »

Now We’re Halfway Through The Year, Here is Your Housing Update

Mid-Year Housing Market Update: Three Things to Know Today Shifting trends and industry-leading research are pointing toward some valuable projections about the status of the housing market for the rest of the year. If you’re thinking of buying or selling, or if you just want to know what experts are saying is on the horizon, here are the top three Read more »

Do Millenials Really Have a Hard Time Saving For a Home?

How millennials spend and save their money has been a frequent point of debate, not just among those born between 1985 and 2000, but with their baby boomer parents, too. Who can forget when, just last year, 35-year-old developer and Australian millionaire Tim Gurner called out millennials for“ buying smashed avocados for 19 bucks and four coffees at $4 each” Read more »

Does Renting Make Sense For Me?

Is Renting Right for Me? If you’re currently renting and have dreams of owning your own home, it may be a good time to think about your next move. With rent costs rising annually and many helpful down payment assistance programs available, homeownership may be closer than you realize. According to the 2018 Bank of America Homebuyer Insights Report, 74% of renters plan Read more »

What is the TRUE cost of waiting to buy a home?

The Cost of Waiting: Interest Rates Edition [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Highlights: Interest rates are projected to increase steadily heading into 2020. The higher your interest rate, the more money you will end up paying for your home and the higher your monthly payment will be. Rates are still low right now – don’t wait until they hit 5% to start searching for your Read more »

What a Difference a Year Makes for Sellers

What a Difference a Year Makes for Sellers Over the last few years, many sellers have been hesitant to put their houses on the market because they feared not being able to find another home to buy. We’ve reported on inventory shortages in the past, and it’s been a constant concern for potential buyers throughout recent years. New research shows the inventory Read more »

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